Can I have S`mores please

Who doesn't love s'mores? The gooey marshmallow with the melty chocolate. MMMMMM

But who wants to wait til you go camping? Have I got a treat for you!
I got this idea a long time ago, and one Valentine's Day I made them for my now husband.

We had such a good time making these and now we do this with our girls who love doing this.

You will need:
mini marshmallows, graham crackers (these I cut (use a sawing motion) a regular sized graham cracker into four pieces using a serrated knife), a large chocolate bar that can be separated into squares. You could also use teddy grahams as the graham crackers as kids think these are cute.


I presented it on a platter with metal fondue forks, you can use bamboo skewers as well. The candle you use should be UNSCENTED, the scent will be yucky when roasting your marshmallow.


Here you see how the experts, make mini s'mores! 


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