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The last two years I have made an advent calendar for my girls. They have LOVED it! The first year I used disposable paper bags but last Christmas decide to make something I could use for many years in a row. Now even though I have made this one for my daughters, you could easily make this for any age of person. 


I have two daughters so I decided that I would have one bag for each day, but I place both their gifts in the bag. The other reason for this is, if you have more than one child, you can give a combination gift: like a movie.
I bought 24 plain gift bags, tissue paper and found patterned paper to match, rub-on numbers, ribbon and stickles. The bags I bought were thicker paper, to last longer. The size of the bag depends on the size of gifts you plan on giving.


I also made sure that I used a calendar of the month to record what was in each bag. Sometimes I changed the gifts if I knew a certain gift would better suit a certain day. ( For example if I knew we were going to the movies one day I would make sure they got a treat in their advent bag so they could take it with them. If that day did not have a treat I would trade exchange gifts for that day.) Keep the calendar hid, no peeking for them!


So the reason you need to think about this now? You need time to buy the gifts. I always find little things along the way, good sales or just neat stuff. If you try to buy it all at once it can be overwhelming to find 24 gifts at once. 

These are just some ideas to start you thinking and ones I have used in mine:

I always put christmas pj's in day 1,
chocolate, candies, gum, earring, bracelets,necklace, crafts supplies, markers, crayons, stickers,lipgloss, make-up, perfume, bath things, cute underware, socks, movie, grab bag kernels popcorn, gift cards to kernels/tim hortons's/starbucks/claires, event tickets(nutcracker ballet) or movie gift card, purse, change purse, wallet, hot chocolate mix, tea 

You can make the gifts the same everyday, a chocolate a day. Maybe one that has a different type of tea bag everyday for a friend who loves tea. 

I think that if you consider what the person likes they will LOVE this gift what ever age or gender!


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