Christmas Advent 2010-You Got Mail!

The last 3 years I have been making an advent type calendar for my girls. 

They seem to love it but I was wondering do the think about after the fact. 
One day my youngest daughter said the me " You know that Christmas bag thing you made us? Are you doing it again 'cause its awesome!"
So after she said that I thought how could I not do the "Christmas bag thing" BUT I wanted to change it up a little.

Through my travels(like to Walmart  , you were thinking somewhere exotic weren't you?) I found these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I wanted to cover it in corrugated red paper! Can you believe that I had some? I was looking through some stuff and found a package of coloured corrugated paper. I will be honest I have no clue where this came from, the package looks like from a teacher supply store. 
As I was looking through the package I came across the blue and LOVE this kind of blue with red. 
My all time favorite Christmas paper pack is Basic Grey Jovial! The two patterned papers I picked are my favorite in the pack.
Once I decided on the paper I wanted, I traced the paper and then trimmed to fit and sanded the rough edge to make it smooth and perfect! Also this way you can position it on the paper to get the part of the pattern you want.

I covered the outside and then the ends of the mailbox. 

These are some things that I have put away for the "mail" they will be receiving!

Here are the finished "mailboxes" ! 
I think the girls will be thrilled on December 1st they find their Christmas mailbox on the nightstand with the flag up saying "YOU GOT MAIL"!




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