Mailbox Update!

I was happy with my mailboxes for the girls, but really did want them to have a stand. I could not find the stand I was looking for...until I was in Homesence!
These are the updated mailboxes...with stands...that looked like the ones I had in my mind...
Here is where my story gets amazing....I didn't even have to paint these....I know they are the PERFECT color and can you believe the ONLY colors they had?

They were dancing on the shelves waving to me...(That's what I told my husband :teehee because he couldn't understand what I needed these for)

This is where I started.
To this .
This is what I ended up with.

The girls knew about the Advent bags I made them the previous years, but I was bugging them that it would be the same...but different.
They were very excited about December 1st....
When they saw them they immediately "got it" ! "It's like Christmas mail but will be our Advent stuff, right?"
They have enjoyed every morning of getting up and checking out the mail. They are sooo excited to see what it is and seem to be be happy with whatever treat is inside.
I have found some really cute things this year. Pier 1 Imports have a lot of cute and interesting stocking stuffer items I got a ring that had jingle bells on it and some lip gloss and paper soap.
The items that seems to have been the biggest hit are the Christmas Coke, they are round bottles that look like and ornament (probably because they don't get to have Coke and other time and I also planned to give them this on a Friday night when were we made pizza and watched a movie.) The other favourite was a mini flashlight! It was $1.99 LED mini flashlight and they have had hours of fun with these. I will definitely stick with these mailboxes they have been a hit!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  1. Great idea! I love these, I did the Karen foster pull out drawers but ur limited to sized items!!

  2. This is lovely! i need to know all of the details on how you decorated the mailboxes because they look absolutely breathtaking!



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