Hello Cupcake!

Cupcake magnets! 
I saw these cupcakes on the cover of a magazine and wondered what you would use them for?  Just as a decoration on a plate ? So I thought what could make these cute cupcakes useful too.
So I turned them in to magnets!

I took a small styrofoam ball cut it in half and placed it into a small candy foil liner.

Then I covered the ball with mod podge and glued the bakers twine around the ball to cover using a toothpick to make the coverage tight.

I then added a cherry some beads and glitter for the sprinkles, then added the magnet to the back.


  1. Well these are the most creative cupcakes that can be used for decoration. At first I thought that they were some real ones. Really mindblowing and brilliant idea for easy decoration



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