Children's Travel Activity Package

Hi everyone! 

This week's idea I thought of when we went on a summer holiday to Minneapolis last year. I have two daughters and I wanted the ride there to be exciting from them too. So I came up with this idea. I decided to create a travel package. It was also a surprise. It used up an hour of travel time just for them to look at everything and absorb what they got and what they could do with it! LOL
I also found these were great in the hotel! They always had something to do.

The first example was for my younger daughter (5-6 years old range)


I put books, crayons, journal notebook, stapler , glue, scissors, travel sheet activities* all in a zippered folder (from Dollarama). Also some treats!
*word list - I just wrote out all the words they might want to use to write about their trip in their journal that pertained to the holiday, that way I could just show them the word instead of constantly spelling. After awhile they stated to recognize some of the words on their own.
*travel activity sheets I got from this website:
but there are lots of others.


The second example is some things that an older child may enjoy.


The third example is an idea for an adult friend/daughter/mother that is going on a trip! 


If you skip the nailpolish and scrapbooking magazine and the choice of book (can you tell what I reading right now? LOL) and trade it for more masculine subjects I'm sure a guy would love it too! 
I was also thinking that these would make for excellent "Get Well Soon!" gifts.


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