Stickles Chart

I LOVE Stickles! 

I do have all the colors and I will honestly say I have used them all. Ofcourse, there are colors that I use more than others. 
At first, when I found these amazing little gems, I thought one green, one blue, one etc. would be good. 
BUT there are a variety of shades of greens, blues, pinks. So sometimes the one color I had wasn't the right shade. 
The next thing I noticed when I did have all the colors, was that some times the way it looks in the bottle or wet is deceiving. You can best choose your color when you see it dry. This is what prompted me to create this Stickles chart!
I first created this chart:


This is a good small chart and it's handy to carry around. When I decided that I needed all the colors, it was handy to have this small version that I could bring with me when cropping or shopping. Each time I got a bottle I would fill in the dot with that color. Then when I went the next time buy more I would remember what I did and didn't have.

This one is just larger so that you can see them dry, this is also great to hang in your scraproom.
I used foam glue circles lined them up next to each color. Then colored them in with the stickles and let dry.


You can also check out the Ranger website where they have charts you can print out.
Scroll down to Stickles Chart

So what's your favorite color? 
Mine would be probably Lime....but then again I love Patina....but Platinum really works well with everything.....


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