Gift Wrapping

I love wrapping presents. 
I think that the right wrapping can add to a gift and really make the person feel extra special. 

Here are three examples of some gift wrapping ideas. 
I love using tissue paper and enhancing it to look like fancy wrapping, without the cost, by over wrapping it with cellophane wrap. I think that the shine of the cellophane gives the gift a little sparkle.

In the first example I wrapped the gift in plain red tissue, then wrapped it again with cellophane wrap and added a beautiful bow and a berry cluster.

In the second example I wrapped it in plain purple tissue paper. Then I adhered stars all over the gift. The stars I punched out of glitter paper. Then I wrapped it in cellophane wrap. You could use any type of punch, any paper, or even stickers. The paper you punch the stars out of could be used in the card you give with the gift. Stickers would be great for a child's gift using their favorite cartoon characters.
(The "Happy Birthday" tag was purchase at Bath and Body Works, but this would be possible to replicate with a cutting machine or alphas.)

In the last example I used wrapping paper with a great ribbon and I HAD to Stickle those white dots! The metal ring is an old buckle from a belt. 

Each of these gifts cost under $2 to wrap! 
In all of these examples, I used items purchase from the Dollar store & at clearance sales. 
Plus when you are using plain colors you can wrap a gift for any occasion.



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