BOO! Face Painting

It's Halloween and the girls are SO excited for Halloween to come!
What are we going to be this year? Well we need two costumes one for the school sock-hop (inside) and one for trick or treating (outside).
What I love most is painting their faces. We have such a good time deciding what to do.
One Halloween they wanted there WHOLE face painted like a cat. For some reason cats and butterflies have been popular the last couple of years. 

So I went to the internet to search (mostly youtube) out face painting and this is what we came up with. The girls loved it!
After I watched a couple of videos with techniques and looked at the make-up and brushes they used it really helped with the final outcome.
The cake facepaints and tube make-up I purchased at Walmart in the Halloween make-up section. The make-up brushes, sponges and eyeshadows in the regular make-up department. Some of the really thin brushes are from the craft dept in the painting section.
This year my youngest has decided on a bunny! So I showed in 5 steps how I created a cute little bunny face! 
You need the cake make-up to cover the face lightly wet the sponge and spread the gray and white to create the base of the face. 
Go in with the crayon face paints which work better when dipped into water highlight the white areas.
Create your pink nose, whiskers and start outlining features with the black cream make-up and lastly don't forget those little bunny teeth!
Have a Happy Halloween!



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