Movie Night Party

It was my daughter's 9th birthday and we always like to think of neat ideas for a birthday party!
So last Saturday she had all her friends over for the celebration! 
She decided that she would like to have a movie party.
So here are the invitations we sent out to her friends:
First we had Taco Salad in a bag which was an idea that a friend of mine made for New Year's Eve last year.
You basically set out all the ingredients you would like in Taco Salad and add it to a bag of crush tacos and eat out of the bag.
They thought it was great, and no dishes! 
Next they watched a movie and we needed a concession stand:
We had popcorn and a treat tray.

Then we opened gifts and had cupcakes! or is it popcorn? LOL

These cupcakes were very fun to make. I made regular cupcakes and iced them, then added white and yellow mini marshmallows. The yellow mini marshmallows were out of the mixed bag of colored mini marshmallows. I snipped the tops of each marshmallow with scissors and they curled into pieces of popcorn. Then I lightly brushed the marshmallows with yellow food coloring to give the look of some extra butter! Then I made loops of striped paper which I set the cupcake into and created the popcorn bucket.


At the end of the night here are their goodie bags! In the goodie bags we put earrings, socks, headbands, halloween treats.


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