Got Flowers

Sometimes you just don't have the right color of flowers...
This does happen, even though I know my husband would say that this is impossible.
I got an email with scrapbooking info and I noticed a layout that had black and gray flowers! Right away I thought how can this be that I do not have black and gray flowers. Seeing them made me realize that I REALLY need some, and right away. I could not find who made these flowers or what kind they were but I did love these colors.
So now I need these and don't have and don't know where to get them. 

So I thought about, how I could make my own. I tried distress ink and it wasn't the effect I wanted. I wanted pure black not just shaded. 

I turned to my alcohol inks and they worked beautifully. 
Exactly the look I wanted. 

With the black flowers you can add it to your felt covered handle and apply till you get the color you want.
But with the gray I found this made the gray to heavy, so I found my Mini-Mister. 
The Mini-Mister I had not used yet, BUT I knew someday I would be glad to have it. Today was that day!
I squirt some gray Alcohol Ink into the Mini-Mister bottle and spray my flowers(I used Petaloo Color Me Crazy-Mulberry Paper Flowers) and velvet leaves.The color can be diluted with Alcohol Blending Solution to get a more subtle color.
I also spray some velvet leaves that were white. I used these as well.



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