Christmas Packaging-Pillow Boxes

 I am going to share a couple of ideas that I came up with using some of the pillow boxes.


In this example I glued a doily to the red linen pillow box. By grouping felted leaves, button, brads and pearls, I created a bunch of holly. I also love the little bow of the red/white baker's twine. At the top of the box I punched a hole so that the ribbon could be knotted, pulled through the hole and then hung on a tree.

I used the corrugated pillow boxes with a doily glued on, but I inked the doily with my distressing ink. Then with my alcohol inks I inked the felted white leaves, and the added some sprays of pearls and ribbon. I also outlined the inked leaves in stickles to give them a little snowy sparkle.

This time I left out the doily, but the white felt leaves are what I used in the previous example, but they have not been inked. Beautiful either way just different looks.

I used jute twine to tie the bow on this package. The flower (crocheted poppy) which is also a broach was made by my Mom . I thought this was a neat idea because it looks awesome on the package but then the broach can be worn later.

This package I think would be so cute for a gift card for a little boy! Imagine getting a present in a rocket ship! I created a cone shape that fit the size of the red linen pillow box and decorated then measured out the "wings" and affixed them onto the side. The "flames" are colored raffia. I punched holes in the bottom of the box and tied the "flames" through the holes. Of course this is the perfect opportunity to use Stickles and Glitter Ritz to sparkle up your rocket ship!

Happy packaging!


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