Be Mine-Valentine Ideas

Valentine's Day!
My girls love making there own Valentine cards, I wonder were they got that idea.

This year we have begun begun working on our Valentine card and are going with a Disney theme, inspired by our recent trip and some of the treats we got to adorn our cards.

I was looking back and wanted to share a couple of our favorite ideas with you.

This was a heart shaped pizza I made for supper one Valentine's Day, they still remind me of how neat this was.
These were Valentine Card we made for Emma's class that had a box of conversation hearts attached.

These were some chocolate cupcakes and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. The hearts I made with chocolate.

I placed down a piece of parchment paper.
To make the hearts I melted chocolate(chocolate wafers bought at Bulk Barn) and put into a piping bag and piped the outside out line of a heart, once set I used another color and filled in the center. 

Hope you enjoy you love day with your Valentines!


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