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I have found a good flow for where I put things and how often I use them. 
I like closed storage for things you need to have but don't need to see. 
But I love open storage to see things that can really inspire you.

I have found to that when everything is neat and organized THAT is inspiring in itself because you are more aware of what you have to work with.
I have done some cards during this re-organization process and have really forced my self to put things away once I'm done using it. 
I have a bad habit of not cleaning up as I go along and then am left with a mess. NOT ANY MORE~

Here is a 360 degree view of the completed room.

This is to your right when you come in, I love this cube shelf it allows for closed storage in the photo boxes but it has allowed me to create little displays of product that are being stored but are part of the decor. 
I explained to my husband how useful that is because I am getting two uses for the price of one.

Image Image

The peg board, I really love having things at my reach, I tend to keep things I'm hoarding and admiring for awhile and the things I use often. Then I have are easy access. They are right behind me as I scrapbook.



Here is my desk, I stand when I scrapbook unless I'm applying stickles then I have stool I use. When I sit, I feel have a steadier hand to apply the stickles. 
It may seem strange to show my recycle bin and rug. BUT I just bought that funky little rug (at Homesence in the kids dept) because my feet were freezing and because it is bumpy, it feels great under your feet. My recycle bin was around the other side of the desk prior to this revamp and what a pain, one of my favorite fixes with this room is that the recycle bin is handy. LOL


I mostly watch TV as a scrapbook, sometimes listen to music. LOVE a Sunday afternoon watching "Come Dine with Me" and scrapbooking, drinking diet Pepsi with ice. 


This wall has shelves and clear plastic drawers, lots of storage and I like that it's not on the floor.


I store my sizzix machine and dies, texture cards in the drawers. On my clip it up, I have stamps at the top and alphas on the bottom. The clear cases I separated into seasons for easy access if you are looking for specifically themed supplies.


This bottom part will probably get a little more attention. I think I can do a better job here, but will have to see what I think of.

This is my paper storage, love the cropper hopper! I like it on the table like this because I can flip through easily with everything labeled. Then I got this great box that sits under the table (I changed the ribbon it came with) at Homesence. This box has my accordion paper holders, in which I keep cardstock. This way they don't fall over and they are all together.


I hope that this has inspired you to create a scrapbooking area for yourself, one that works for and your style of creating!


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