Smash Products Video Tour

I am soooooo excited about K & Company's new SMASH Book product line!
In the coming weeks I would like to show you all that is SMASH!
With our video camera, my girls and I took a trip to Love is in the Details to check out the SMASH products!
This week at Love is in the Details...
This line is definitely the HOT product out right now for scrapbooking.
Here is the video put out by K & Company to give you an idea of how SMASH works:

Here are two videos Emma and I made for you to show you all the cool SMASH books and accessories available to you to create your SMASH albums! 

The first video is focused on the SMASH book you might want to choose. 

The second video is focused on the accessories that go with the SMASH book:

I hope you enjoyed these video tours, I thought it would give you a better idea of what the products look like in real life !
Also I just have to say my voice really does not sound like that. 
Why when recorded, do you not sound like yourself? 

I really want to say :thankyou to my wonderful video assistant Emma. She did a great job filming the first video and a superb job showing you the the products in the accessory video (with her cute rainbow painted nails)! :teehee 

Here are some pictures showing what I choose for my SMASH products, I look forward to showing you how I will be using mine!


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