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Last week you saw me go through all the SMASH products that Lori had at the store, this week I started to use them!
Here is what I chose:

After looking at my stuff, I wondered what was I going to SMASH into this book? 
I love the idea of just keeping these little "scraps" of life. At the time these moment may seem unimportant, but I think in the future they will bring you back to a memory of a great day, time or moment in your life. A moment that will make you smile! So THAT is what I decided my approach would be for this book. 
A book of SMILES! Things that make ME smile!

I will say that my usual approach is not to SMASH things onto a card or a layout. I THINK about placement color, theme. We all do when scrapbooking. 
I really had to rethink my usual way of doing things.

So I picked a page ANY page!!! It doesn't have to be the first page, which my controlling instincts were fighting me on. But I thought if this is a book of smiles I don't think they have be chronological smiles, right? I am pretty sure I am right... even though it was hard for me to do.

I just picked my most recent SMILE! That was going to see the Smurfs movie with my girls. I remember as a kid(around the age my girls are) the Smurfs were my absolute favorite! I was excited to see the movie and with them it was more fun! I feel we will go back at a later date and recall all the fun we had that day.
This page will connect us too the memory of the other things we did and laughed about that day.
This is what the page looked like:
This is the page SMASHED!

The next approach I took was an idea I got from one of the journaling spot books, it was "Top 8 Books" I want to read. In this page I printed out the covers of the books that corresponded with my list. Makes me feel like I really have to read these book now, lol!

My third page, I LOVED the paper for this page. One of our favorite things to do as a family, is to go to Assiniboine park, have a picnic and fly a kite. Again using one of the journaling spots I filled out, I then placed small sized pictures of us at the park. I also used the date stamp which is awesome because you can date these moments so quickly.

I have enjoyed starting my SMASH book, and I mean starting because I don't know that you are ever done. This book is going to be an ongoing place to record these special, little, seemingly unimportant moments. I think as time passes these will be some of the moments we may cherish the most. All the pages I started will definitely be added too as I go along.


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