Pumpkin Patch

In my travels I saw some crimped metal pumpkins that I really liked but thought hmmmm could I make these out of paper?

I got some orange paper and my crimper(I had to blow the dust off this thing)cut the paper into 1" x 6" strips and crimped the paper.

With the paper crimped, two brads,some ribbon and a leaf. I punched a hole in the top and bottom ends of my paper strips. Placed a brad in one end and secured it, then at the top end I pulled a knotted piece of ribbon through the punched hole at the top then secured it with a brad.

I spread The papers apart until it created a round pumpkin shape. Once both ends were secured with brads I sprayed the inside of the pumpkin orange but you could also use a double sided paper. 

I thought that you could see better the finished project with the tissue paper inside, but decided that I actually liked it better with the tissue paper. I also think that with the addition of the tissue paper it would allow you to make a little bit larger if you wanted, it would give a little more support.

Hope this inspires you to create your own pumpkin patch! 


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