Right Under Your Nose- Inspiration

I am constantly looking for inspiration. I believe that it is all around...you just have to look for it!
I find inspiration in different places home, TV, stores, internet but sometimes you don't have to go far! I was working on a variety of projects and because of this had a mess of stuff on my table. I looked at certain things thinking that's interesting what could I do this this?
I started with a mess...
Then ended up with some neat projects!

The strawberries were cut from a piece of paper. Then I used Stickles and Ranger white enamel paint to spruce them up. Cut the paper into strips.

With the cut strips of paper I created a "basketweave" for the background of my card.

Here I had a circles and half circles I cut out created petals for a flower. Then created this tag.

These little flowers were all over my desk and I thought how nice they looked on these scraps of paper and put them together in this card.

Inspiration like this is only a messy scrapdesk away... 


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